About the Blizard

The Blizard Institute is the largest institute of Barts and the London School of Medicine and Dentistry and aims to deliver excellence in all aspects of research, teaching and clinical service.

Our aims

The specific aims of the Institute are:

  • Provision of a world class biomedical research environment  which integrates basic science, clinical research and translational research activity
  • Development of innovative, interdisciplinary and cutting edge programmes of internationally competitive research in our core areas
  • Provision of the intellectual environment and physical facilities for high quality training of junior research staff and students
  • Development of partnerships with neighbouring NHS Trusts, healthcare professionals and local communities to build research collaborations which address the health needs of our local population  

Sir William Blizard

The Institute takes its name from Sir William Blizard, the founder of the London Hospital Medical College in 1785.

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Award winning building design

The Institute is housed in the Blizard Building in Whitechapel. This unique research building provides state of the art laboratory and office accommodation based on an innovative open plan design, a 400 seat lecture theatre, meeting rooms and core facilities in:

  • Flow Cytometry, 
  • Imaging, 
  • Global siRNA screening and 
  • Transgenics. 

The large open plan laboratories and juxtaposition of research Centres from different backgrounds provides the perfect environment for the development of interdisciplinary collaborative research.

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The Blizard Institute is part of the Whitechapel campus of Barts and The London School of Medicine and Dentistry.