Supply Centres provide the products researchers need, onsite, when they need them:

The Institute currently has two consignment freezers on site supplied by Life Technologies (Invitrogen) and Bioline.

Life Technologies:

Sited under the main entrance to the laboratories. Open every day between 11.00 and 11.30am.

Order form which you can fill in on your computer here documents/supply_centre_fill_in_Feb_2010.pdf.

When you have filled in your form take it to the Supply Centre to get your goods. We have one delivery a week, normally on a Tuesday. Some less common products can take a week or two to arrive.


Easily Access Products

  • Instant availability of stock items
  • Free delivery and no Dry Ice charges
  • Fewer purchase orders
  • Non-stocked item availability 
  • No interruption of critical experiments
  • Quick introduction of new products

 Dynamic product mix for changing research needs


Sited under the main entrance to the laboratories. Cards to operate the machine can be obtained from Laboratory Management 

The Bioline freezer provides you with a convenient, cost-effective and flexible way to get the reagents you need, when you need them. All of your prices will be discounted - and you can say goodbye to the delivery charges associated with placing individual orders. We stock a wide range of reagents for molecular biology including PCR enzymes and mixes, real-time PCR kits and molecular weight markers among many others.

Bioline freezer


•             Convenient on-site access

•             Immediate product availability

•             Stock lists created to suit your needs

•             Great discounts on all products

•             No delivery charges

•             No obligation to buy

•             No minimum order

•             Continuous restocking