Dark room facilities at the Blizard Institute
The Blizard Institute has two dark rooms, accessible from the north part of the open lab on the lower ground floor.

Dark room LG160

This room houses an Xograph Film Autoprocessor, which by automated operation is able to develop exposed film produced as the final step of Western Blotting, Autoradiographs or similar processes.
The film auto processor is maintained by the Laboratory Management team.
The standard operating procedure for this equipment is as follows:

1. Check run light is lit.
2. Open the film feed tray.
3. Insert film emulsion side down (if single sided) aligned with guide on the side of the film feed tray.
4. Film processing is automatic.

Please do not attempt to change settings or repair faults on this equipment. Please report any malfunction, fault or leak to a Lab Management team member

Dark room LG159

Dark room LG159 houses three UV transilluminators for the visualisation of stain DNA on gels.
Please note that if you are using Ethidium Bromide you should have an up to date Risk Assessment/COSHH form detailing the work, with evidence that safer alternatives have been tried and found to be unsuitable. A range of excellent, safe Ethidium Bromide alternatives are now available and free samples are available to try from the Lab Management team.

Be aware that when this dark room is in use – marked by a red light next to the access door – there may be an active source of UV light in the room. Therefore appropriate eye protection should be worn prior to entering the room.

Please also see our UV light safety guidance

Please also see our Ethidium Bromide Safety guidance