Please note that Duty Free Spirits ( DFS) and Industrial Denatured Alcohol (IDA) are only to be ordered via Laboratory Management.

The Blizard Institute holds an HMRC licence to receive Duty Free Spirits, specifically Ethanol, for medical or scientific purposes without payment of Excise duty. Scientists may receive DFS for research, teaching or other laboratory use. A similar licence is held by the Institute for purchasing IDA

The supply of both these items is in 2.5 litre safe-break glass bottles or plastic containers.

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What qualifies as scientific use?

DFS:  Included in the scientific uses are:

  • analytical research or other laboratory purposes, or physical testing.
  • teaching purposes, and
  • commercial project research and development where small quantities of spirits only are required.

Please note: this does not include routine cleaning of work areas etc, you should denatured alcohol grades (Industrial Denatured Alcohol)

DFS can, however. be used for specialised cleaning purposes if you can prove that denatured alcohol would be detrimental to the process or the presence of a denaturant would affect an end product. You must provide proof of the detrimental effects which using denatured alcohol would cause. Each case will be looked at individually and on its merits. Where necessary, consultation with the HMRC appointed analyst will be undertaken.


IDA: is for use by, or under the supervision of, qualified persons in medical, scientific (including photographic) or educational activities.


          If you use Duty Free spirits or IDA you must:

  •  ensure that DFS and IDA in your laboratory are kept securely locked in designated stores
  •  ensure they are used only for authorised purposes
  •  keep accurate records, especially those on receipts, stocks and use
  • investigate critically any losses or discrepancies
  • You may withdraw DFS or IDA from stock only in the quantities you need for immediate use for an approved purpose. A responsible employee must supervise all withdrawals.
  • You may use DFS only in the Blizard Institute.
  • You may not use DFS in a room in which duty-paid spirits, methylated spirits or other industrial alcohols are used.
  •  You may use DFS only for the purposes specified.
  • You must not remove DFS from the Blizard Institute.