The Blizard Institute has approximately seventy -80 freezers divided between 3 main areas, and fifteen -20 freezers that are monitored 24/7 byTutela Systems which are part of Next Control Systems, a company that has been successfully supplying web-based medical wireless temperature monitoring and recording systems for over 20 years.

New-Brunswick Premium-U570 FreezersNew-Brunswick Premium-U570 FreezersNew-Brunswick Premium-U570 Freezers

Tutela's web-based wireless monitoring systems deliver regulatory compliance and audit trails to their customers and all stored Tutela records are fully compliant with FDA 21CFR part 11. and ISO9001:2008.

The most efficient use of freezer space is made by using racking rather than stacking material in a haphazard fashion. Racking your freezer also helps in the event of a breakdown as the material can be moved swiftly to another freezer. 

We have empty -80 and -20 backup freezers which can be used in the event of a breakdown the locations of which are posted below and also at the entrance to the Blizard.

Laboratory Management undertake to maintain the communication with our monitoring company and inform them of any change to the emergency call-out list. It is your responsibility to tell us of any chaanges to your list.

We clean freezer filters, usually every 6 months, and our Laboratory Management team can help with maintenace of your freezer by assisting you with defrosts and clearing excess ice from the doors.


What to do in the event of a freezer breakdown

To all emergency call out responders


If you receive a call from Next Controls (Tutela) about your freezer you have two options

(Ask Next Controls to repeat carefully the number of the freezer they have telephoned about. This number should begin with the prefix ABH, BC, BS, BN or QU. (This number will be used by security to identify your freezer if the need arises)


BN = Blizard building North corridor,

BC=Blizard building Central corridor  

BS=Blizard building South corridor 

QU = QMBio freezer archive 

ABH = Abernethy -20 freezer store


Login to the Tutela website,  and call up the log of your freezer where you can monitor the temperature of your freezer.
The website has been organised to make it easy for you to log in and find your  freezer in the event of a breakdown. There is one login and one password to access the freezer sites.
User Name: Blizard
Psswd: blizard123 (case sensitive)
( see attached sheet for details)  reporting_guide_for_new_website__Nov_13.pdf

N.B. It would be worthwhile logging into the Tutela website before an emergency arises so that you are aware of how the site works.

Security may be able to help you by visually inspecting your freezer and relaying the information back to you. Call QMUL security on x 2599,  (020 7882 2599), tell them the location of your freezer and ask them to have a look at it and report back to you, make sure you give them your telephone number.

They can tell you what the current temperature is and you can interrogate the security guard on what he can see and hear about the freezer (lights, motor noisy, door not shut, water on floor etc.). If all looks OK call the security guard again in an hour so you can make an informed decision on what action you may need to take.


PLEASE NOTE: Security will help you by reporting on-site freezer condition but cannot transfer material to emergency freezers. It is your responsibility to arrange this. 

Emergency freezers are available for the transfer of material in the following locations. If the nearest one is full you will have to use an alternative freezer, possibly in another building. Any change to the list below will be posted near the entrance to the Blizard.


QMBio Emergency -80 freezers    



Blizard emergency -80 freezer


Emergency -20 freezer

Located by the supply centre under mushroom

 You can use the trolley in the lower ground lift lobby which is normally used for dirty lab coats to transfer your racks and material. Make sure the sheet on the front of the freezer is filled in with your details to safeguard your stock. 

Next Controls help   01252 406340