The Institute has two rooms dedicated to large core equipment such as floor standing centrifuges, flask shakers and ice makers.

You must not operate the floor standing centrifuges without prior training from an Institute Laboratory Management staff member.

To arrange training and for help please contact:
Ahmed Hashim ext: 2320 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The power supply for all ultracentrifuges is disabled with a lock, so you will need to collect the key from Ahmed Hashim ext. 2320 or Laboratory Management before use


Sorvall RC5C +


The RC-5C Plus offers simplicity of operation and durability for intensive use. User-friendly controls make set-up simple even for inexperienced users, speeding up parameter setting and reducing errors. The centrifuge has a wide rotor range – spanning fixed angle, swinging bucket, vertical, microtube, zonal, and continuous flow types.
Reliable, dependable operation
The high capacity refrigeration system maintains precise operating temperatures without the need for a vacuum. Direct drive motors, with no belts or gears, reduce maintenance and system noise. The patented gyro system protects the drive from damage should rotor imbalance occur.

Intuitive levers or knobs make parameter setting fast and easy Both set and actual parameters are visible at all times User-defined sample over-temperature protection assures sample integrity Imbalance tolerant gyro permits eye balancing of tube contents and rotor load

  Easy to use controls for programming run conditions High visibility analog displays and lighted indicators Run conditions can be set in any sequence and changed at any time.

  • Accurate speed control from 500 to 21,000 rpm
  • Sorvall RC 5C Plus Superspeed Centrifuge Specifications
  • Speeds to 21,000 rpm (51,430 x g)
  • Large 4-liter capacity for high volume processing
  • High torque- direct-drive DC motor 1.86 kW (2.5 hp)
  • Imbalance tolerant gyro drive
  • Heavy duty sealed compressor 1.49kW (2 hp),vacuum-free operation -20C to +40C
  • Automatic RCF calculation and display
  • Automatic rate control for gentle separations
  • Simultaneous digital display of set and actual parameters
  • Wide choice of rotors including 4-liter SUPER-LITE composite rotors


Sorvall RC6+


User-Friendly Controls and an easy-to-use operator keypad makes setting protocol parameters simple and straightforward. All set and run conditions can be monitored on the bright LCD panel.
High Speed, High Capacity Processing Offering 4 liters of capacity and processing speeds of up to 22,000 (55,200 x g), the Sorvall RC 6 Plus enables extremely fast processing of your samples.
Vacuum-free processing The Sorvall RC 6 Plus spins samples at atmospheric pressure, so there are no vacuum seals or filters to maintain, and there is less risk of tube or bottle leakage.
A wide array of Bioseal tested rotors improves lab safety with added levels of micobiological containment.
Maximum Versatility With its diverse range of Fiberlite carbon fiber rotors, swinging bucket rotors, and special purpose rotors, the Sorvall RC 6 Plus can perform a wide array of high throughput sample processing applications.
The Sorvall RC 6 Plus is compatible with most Sorvall RC 5 series centrifuge rotors, sample formats supported range from 0.25 mL microtubes up to 1-liter bottle

Advanced Functionality

  • Intuitive controls and dual display: Allows easy operation by all users and dual display of set and actual parameters allows to real-time monitor the run progression
  • RPM/RCF Control: Allows set and operation directly in RCF mode without the need for RPM to RCF conversion charts
  • GMP/GLP- Compatible Data Management: Offers traceability and quality control for Biotech/ Pharmaceutical processing needs
  • Programmability: 30 program memory allows common protocols to be stored and retrieved easily, and offers flexibility in a multi-user environment
  • Controlled-Access: This password-protected, software-enabled feature can limit access to authorized users in a multi-user environment.
  • Step-mode Runs: Provides applications flexibility
  • Real Time Control: Set up a delayed-start and -stop run to have sample ready when user is available.
  • Integrator (w2t): Offers run-to-run reproducibility
  • Pre-Cool Function: Use the centrifuge to pre-cool rotors 


Sorvall Discovery 100SE


With speeds up to 100,000 rpm, the Sorvall Discovery 100SE Ultracentrifuge offers unsurpassed performance. All the advanced features come with top-of-the-line performance, powerful functionality, and ease of use.


  • Maximum speed of 100,000rpm (802,006 x g)
  • Simple keypad and large LCD display for easy set-up of routine spins .
  • Control panel is simple with easy key operation and easy-to-see liquid crystal screen.
  • The displayed language can be switched over between English and Japanese
  • The real-time control (RTC) feature enables setting a start time or a finish time, thus letting you run your machine at a desired date and time.
  • Centrifugal force (RCFmax and RCFavg) can be displayed and set.
  • Twenty varieties of nine stepped modes can be programmed for a wide range of applications.
  • Various alarms notify users of causes and necessary actions when fault conditions are detected allowing easier and quicker troubleshooting.
  • Low noise level makes the ultracentrifuge suitable for use in any laboratory.
  • Samples can be easily balanced visually.
  • CFC-free thermoelectric cooling system with greater cooling capacity.

 Scotsman Ice Makers


We have four flaked ice makers, two in each heavy equipment room. They can produce about 120kg of ice in 24hours but the bin capacity is 32 kg, so ice production is stopped automatically when the bin reaches this level and resumes when ice is taken 








New Brunswick Innova 4300 Incubator Shaker

Microprocessor controlled gyrotory Incubator shaker with triple eccentric drive operating in a speed range of 25-500 rpm in a 1" (2.54cm) orbit at temperatures of between 5o C above ambient to 60o C. Accomodates flasks up to 6 liters on a 18x30" (46x76cm) platform. Equipped with foot pedal lid lift assist.