The Blizard Institute has tissue processing and histology equipment in various locations. The processors are managed by the Institute Laboratory Management team so please contact Bob Pritchard or Kifaia Rashid if you wish to use this facility.


The Tisue-Tek VIP 5

tissue tek

Tissue Tek VIP 5 Tissue Processor (floor model) is designed for fast, streamlined operation, and offers easy-to-use software that enables users to manage reagents, rename solutions and programs and define cleaning cycles according to their needs. This processor is designed to have automated reagent transfer, continuous mixing and bottle connection checks to ensure more efficient processing. This unit also automatically degases while in the oven keeping the paraffin clean without the need of additional retort cleaning cycles. It has a 300 cassette capacity and can have up to 20 processes programmed.

the VIP offers a full range of easy-to-use features

  • Create your own reagent and program names
  • Adding cassettes is easy, even if a run has been scheduled or started
  • Full-text display reveals complete information at a glance and is user-friendly
  • Automatic reagent transfer during the processing run
  • Unique continuous mixing for more efficient processing
  • Self-calculating delay mode coordinates completion of processing to enhance workflow
  • Cassette counter and reagent usage counter facilitate reagent management
  • Adjustable alarm tone and volume

The Tisue-Tek TEC 5 tissue embedding console system


TEC 5 System provides a compact, single workstation that enables both specimen orientation and paraffin embedding.
With an embedding console and a cryo console, this system features solid-state electronics and a modular, ergonomic design that is configured for left-to-right or right-to-left work flow. The embedding console provides a single workstation for specimen orientation and paraffin embedding, and a finger touch plate controls paraffin flow. All temperature-controlled areas are uniformly regulated with heated areas ranging from 50° to 75°C. Left and right thermal storage chambers are temperature-controlled and can be used as both a paraffin bath and base mold storage. The cryo console features a large, refrigerated surface for the rapid cooling of paraffin blocks. Accommodates approximately 60 base molds/cassette.

Leica CM1860 Cryostat


Cryostat with cryochamber and specimen cooling, with specimen retraction

Instrument features:

Freestanding cryostat with fully encapsulated, splash-proof microtome. Single-screw locking system for direct fitting of specimen discs.
Heated, removable sliding window. Spacious cryochamber with illumination.
Corrosion-proof cryochamber for easy decontamination. Lockable handwheel.
Twin-compressor cooling system for work area and specimen head.
Specimen temperature control between -10 and -50°C.
Cryochamber temperature setting between 0 and -35°C.
Manual defrosting for chamber and specimen head with audible signal to avoid unintentional defrosting; defrost cycle: 9 minutes
Automatic hot-gas defrosting programmable in 15-minute increments (for cryochamber only).
Actively cooled freezing shelf (-45°C) for 10 specimen discs.
Section thickness continuously adjustable from 1 to 60 µm.
Total vertical stroke: approx. 60 mm
Total horizontal specimen feed: approx. 25 mm
Self-explanatory symbols for all essential functions and displays.
LED-display for cryochamber and specimen head temperature, actual time, defrost time.
Visual indication of specimen stop positions (front/home).
Section thickness range:
-0 to 60 µm
-in 1 µm increments from 0 to 10 µm
-in 2 µm increments from 10 to 20 µm