Warm (37°C) Room

 The warm room is located in the middle of the north corridor of the Blizard laboratory floor. This is a Containment Level 2 laboratory area and is primarily used for growing cultures in liquid and solid media.

 This is a communal facility and all users must show due consideration to others when working here; ensuring that the room is kept clean and tidy at all times. All equipment and materials brought into this room must be clearly labelled with the persons name, centre and date. All items containing infectious material must also be clearly labelled to indicate the nature of the agent(s) present. When using shakers, rollers or similar equipment for growing pathogenic material it is essential that all necessary precautions are taken to ensure that there is no risk of the containers breaking or working loose from equipment. It is important to note that the shelves on the back wall are only fixed to the bench and will shake in time with mechanical equipment in use on the bench. Pathogenic material must not be placed on these shelves and all other items must be well secured to prevent them falling off.

Adequate precautions (freshly prepared solution of the appropriate disinfectant) must be in place for dealing with a potential spillage of biological material. If there is an incident involving the release of pathogenic material in this room Laboratory Management must be informed immediately after making the area safe.

Cold storage rooms and laboratories

 These rooms are located off the corridor at the north east corner of the laboratory floor. Under no circumstances may dry ice be stored in any of these rooms.

 Cold storage rooms (LG153 and 154)

 There are two rooms for the storage of research materials at +4°C. Each Centre has an allocated area of space within one of these rooms. The storage boxes are labelled and colour-coded for ease of identification. All material kept in these rooms must be clearly labelled with a name and date and placed within the storage boxes. Anything left on the floor (within the area marked with black/yellow tape) may be discarded without warning, unless prior permission has been obtained from Laboratory Management.

 Cold laboratories (LG156 and 157)

 There are two laboratories where experimental work may be carried out at +4°C.These are communal areas and all users must use these facilities with due consideration for others. These are not storage areas and equipment and consumables should only be placed in these rooms during the period when experiments are being performed. All items of equipment and consumables must be clearly labelled with the users name, centre and date. Periodic checks are made on these rooms and any unlabelled materials or equipment will be removed without notice.

During warm and humid periods it is not unusual for condensation to form on the coldest parts of these rooms, especially the sprinklers in the ceiling. Please avoid placing electrical equipment directly below them.