Media Room (LG 1.07)

 This is located off the north corridor of the Blizard laboratories. The media room is a core facility available for use by all laboratory staff and is used mainly for the preparation of bacteriological media, solutions and buffers and the autoclaves are used for the steam sterilization of these materials as well as for equipment such as pipette tips and instruments.


This is a clean room and no infectious material of any description may be brought into this area.

 The following equipment is available for use:

2 x top pan balances

1 x waterbath set at 50ºC

3 x Boxer bench top autoclaves*

2 x Priorclave floor-standing autoclaves*

1 x horizontal laminar flow cabinet

1 x drying cabinet

 *Autoclaves are potentially dangerous pieces of equipment and all new staff and students must be shown how to operate them safely before being permitted to use them without supervision (refer to ‘Safe and effective use of autoclaves’ for further information on usage). Please contact Dr Ahmed Hashim (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or extension 2320) or one of the Laboratory Managers to arrange a demonstration on how to operate this equipment safely.


Autoclaves may be used for the sterilization of liquid and solid media, micropipette tips, filters, empty containers and a wide range of instruments. In this case the aim is to inactivate any contaminating organisms occurring on the surfaces or within the material, rendering it sterile. 


Bench top autoclaves are available to use for media preparation and the sterilization of instruments and pipette tips.


Operating Procedure for BOXER autoclaves

  1. Check water level – top up with distilled water just below the false bottom
  2. Insert load – basket - (loosen bottle caps)
  3. Close the door:
    1. Lift the latch bar (on the right hand side of the autoclave)
    2. Push the door inwards and lower the latch fully
    3. Rotate the door nut clockwise until the ‘Door Closed’ light illuminates with a click.
  4. Press the ‘Start’ button
  5. When the sterilization cycle is complete:
    1. The chamber temp falls below 80ºC
    2. The ‘Thermal lock’ light goes out
    3. The ‘Finish’ light illuminates

N.B. Visor and gloves must be worn when opening and unloading autoclaves.

  1. Open the autoclave door:
    1. Rotate the door bolt anti-clockwise 
    2. Lift the latch bar and open the door


Note: All the autoclaves in this room are programmed to operate at 121ºC for 15 min. Should you wish to use alternative temperatures or times please contact a member of the Laboratory Management staff.


Please refer to ‘The Safe and Effective Use of Autoclaves’ for further information.