Blizard Institute and Whitechapel Purchasing Training.

New staff are routinely being added to the College Agresso register after filling in an Agresso user form, which gives authorisation to purchase on grants. Unfortunately, Agresso training does not include specific purchasing guidance and information which is essential to comply fully with College financial regulations therefore staff at the Whitechapel campus who wish to purchase goods using the College ordering system have to undergo a two part training course. This will ensure that staff have the necessary basic skills to purchase goods in accordance with financial regulations and are obtaining value for money when buying supplies and services.

Part One (20 minutes)  comprises purchasing training and an introduction to Queen Mary financial regulations and Part Two ( two hours) deals with the mechanics of using the Agresso system to raise a requisition. This training allows users to log on to the Agresso web based system and begin to purchase equipment and consumables within limits set by the budget holder.

Download a user application form here, Blizard Agresso Form
and book Purchasing training with a Laboratory Manager (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) or call extension 2289
When you have completed Part One please raise a helpdesk ticket to book Agresso Training . 

How to raise a Helpdesk ticket

Users can easily do this using the Self Service Portal.  The link to use is - you will need your college log-in details to access the system.
Click on Request for Service (far left) and scroll down and select Agresso Training.
If you are unable to raise self service ticket or experience any difficulty email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call x 8888 for help.


As part of the London Universities Purchasing Consortium, Queen Mary has access to many contracted suppliers across a variety of commodity groups. Further to this, QM has access to supplier agreements arranged by other regional purchasing consortia and the through Buying Solution's (formerly Office of Government Commerce) own agreements. In some instances the Procurement department will run a further mini-competition among framework suppliers to narrow the available options if this proves advantageous to the College. Up to date information can be found here

Purchase Order

What is the Agresso Purchase Order system and why do we use it?

The College uses the Agresso Purchase Order system to control and account for expenditure made by staff. It is the principle method by which orders should be placed to acquire goods and services from external suppliers. (The only other approved method is Purchasing Cards please see here:

The Agresso Purchase Order system works in real-time with the wider Agresso accounting package and keeps budgets up to date and accurate.

By raising a Purchase Order request through Agresso you are in effect asking permission to place an order for goods or services. Depending on your budget sign-off amount (referred in Agresso as your ‘mandate’) staff may find the Purchase Order request (the requisition) automatically generates the Purchase Order, although it is quite common to find that your line manager has to formally endorse the request using Agresso.

Above certain thresholds all requests are verified by the Procurement Office, even if your line manager has approved it.
When a request is approved Agresso will auto e-mail back to you a Purchase Order as a ‘pdf’ document. (Orders sent via our electronic marketplace will be auto-delivered electronically to suppliers and can be monitored on-line.) It is this document that you then send to the supplier to confirm an order - up until you have this document then you should by no means confirm an order with a supplier (be that verbally or by email etc). Importantly, the Purchase Order explicitly confirms that QMUL's Term and Conditions will be followed and this makes our position stronger.

Purchases below £5,000

It is always advisable to obtain at least two quotations but this is not a mandatory requirement at this level.  Departments are nevertheless obliged to seek value for money and agree specification, terms of delivery, payment and if applicable maintenance/warranty.

Purchases between £5,000 and £30,000

In cases where it has not been possible to use a contract or framework agreement, purchase orders shall be based on at least three written quotations, which may be in the form of a formal written quotation, fax or email.  Emails shall be kept on file either as hard copy or electronically.  Quotations shall be kept on file and referenced to the Purchase Order number.  A current priced supplier’s catalogue, either in hard copy or web-based form may be used in lieu of a written quotation. An ‘Evidence of Quotations Form’ shall be completed and kept on file.

Purchases over £30,000(and over the EU Thresholds)

Such requirements shall be referred to the Procurement Department as soon as they are identified so that a tender process can be formulated. Failure to notify Procurement as early as possible may cause severe delays later on. The Procurement Department will manage the tender process.

For requirements beyond the EU thresholds, the College is obliged by law to advertise them in the Official Journal of the European Union (OJEU) and to administer them in accordance with the appropriate legislation. This process can take six months so it is important to start as early as possible.

The threshold for goods and services is £173,934( ex VAT) and for works £4,348,350 (ex VAT) at

1st January 2012.