The emergence of RNAi as a technology has allowed for a high-throughput and systematic approach to genome wide loss of function genetics in mammalian cells.

The Blizard Screening Facility enables multi-disciplinary academic researchers to carry out high-throughput siRNA and miRNA screens. Supported by dedicated screening staff, this state of the art facility houses miRNA and full genome siRNA libraries. A high-throughput approach is made possible by the liquid handling robotics allowing automation of the screening process. The facility also houses an IN Cell High Content Imaging System (GE) for flexible assay development and cellular analysis using dedicated software. At the forefront of image analysis, this instrument represents an invaluable resource for such large-scale projects, and removes the rate-limiting bottle neck of manual data acquisition.

To date, the facility has successfully completed a number of high-content miRNA and genome-wide siRNA screens (see Publications).


Cleo Bishop
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