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Charles Knowles
Clinical Professor of Surgical Research, Head of Academic Surgical Unit
Senior lecturer in health systems
Professor of Medicine and Education
Professor of Enteric Neuroscience
David Leslie
Professor of Diabetes and Autoimmunity / Centre Lead
Research Fellow
Reader in Inflammatory Bowel Disease, Consultant Gastroenterologist
Kenneth J. Linton
Professor of Protein Biochemistry; Molecular and Cellular Medicine Theme Lead
Lecturer in Computational Biology
Tom MacDonald
Professor of Immunology
Ian Mackenzie
Professor of Stem Cell Science
Tania Mafffucci
Senior Lecturer in Cell Signalling
Reader in Clinical Neurology and Honorary Consultant Neurologist
Quality Assurance Manager
Olivier Marchès
Non-Clinical Lecturer in Bacteriology
Professor of Neuropathology
PCTU Statistician
Clinical Research Fellow
Professor of Pathology
Clinical Professor of Respiratory Infection and Immunity
Research Fellow
Centre Manager
Senior clinical lecturer, Global Health Teaching Director
Jane Mcgregor
Clinical Senior Lecturer and Honorary Consultant Dermatologist
Áine McKnight
Professor of Viral Pathology
NIHR Research Fellow
Lecturer in Neuroscience