David Leslie

David Leslie

Professor of Diabetes and Autoimmunity / Centre Lead

Professor David Leslie is consultant physician at St Bartholomew's Hospital and Professor of Diabetes and Autoimmunity at the Blizard Institute, Queen Mary, University of London. He was recently elected President of The Association of Physicians of Great Britian and Ireland.

He qualified and trained at Imperial College and subsequently at King's College Hospital and Royal Victoria Infirmary, Newcastle. He was an MRC Travelling Fellow at the University of Chicago, USA, and Welcome Trust Senior Clincal Research Fellow at both King's College and Charing Cross and Westminster Medical Schools.

He has an interest in the cause of autoimmune diabetes through the study of twins and disease syndromes.


David Leslie is the Reviews Editor of Diabetic Medicine and was on the Editorial Board of several major Journals. He gave a Royal College of Physicians Lecture in 2005, was made Honorary Professor of Central South University, China; is Director of the European Consortium Action LADA, Director of the British Diabetic Twin Trust, a member of the NIH Advisory Board on the Prevention of Diabetes, and is a Trustee of the British Twin Trust and the Muirhead Trust


His research involves studies using major patient resources (such as patients with adult-onset autoimmune disease and twins with diabetes), allied to cell and molecular studies including collaborations with the Human Epigenome Consortium and the NIH in America. Recent studies have lead to identification of a genetic component to protein glycation and the characterisation of latent onset diabetes of the adults following a major multi-million pound EU grant. Other studies include the development of novel vaccination-type therapies to limit the disease process in type 1 diabetes. Current research focuses on the epigenetics of type 1 diabetes funded by several sources including a major EUFP7 grant as part of the Blueprint Consortium.


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View all David Leslie's Research Publications at: http://www.researchpublications.qmul.ac.uk


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