Paolo Pozzilli

Paolo Pozzilli

Title: Professor
Professor of Diabetes and Clinical Research

Research projects focus on the pathogenesis of type 1 diabetes (T1DM) taking advantage of a large database of DNA and sera from patients with T1DM and related auto immuno diseases.

Early diagnosis and prevention of beta-cell destruction in patients affected by T1DM and LADA (Latent autoimmune diabetes in adults) are among study priorities. Research focuses on the epidemiological, genetic and immunological aspects of diabetes associating with other diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis.

In collaboration with academic Institutions in Europe special attention is paid to intervention trials for protection of residual beta cell function in T1DM. More recently studies are ongoing on the use of immunomodulatory drugs at diagnosis at T1DM, thus offering novel approaches for treatment of this condition.

Studies are ongoing to generate insulin producing cells from adult mesenchymal stem cells. The project includes several steps from the establishment of the best conditions for the isolation and culture of mesenchymal stem cells obtained from abdominal fat to their proliferation and differentiation into different cell types such insulin producing cells as well as osteoblasts and condroblasts. These cells have been selected because they are easily obtainable in humans and may be applied safely in translational medicine.

A special link has been established with University Campus Bio-Medico in Rome, Italy, covering the Erasmus exchange programme for undergraduate medical students, a postgraduate PhD programme in Endocrinology and Metabolic Diseases and teacher exchange in Diabetes and Metabolic Diseases.


Profile Paolo Pozzilli is Professor of Diabetes and Clinical Research at the Centre for Diabetes at Barts and The London School of Medicine & Dentistry, London, and Professor of Endocrinology & Metabolic Diseases at the University Campus Bio-Medico in Rome, Italy.

He qualified in Medicine at "Sapienza" University in Rome and specialized in Endocrinology and Metabolic Diseases at the same University. He has participated in 4 Biomed projects of the European Union and 3 NIH projects. He is Member of Ancillary Study Committee for the TRIGR Study (NIH project), Chairman of the IMDIAB Group and Deputy Chairman of the ACTION LADA Project (EU).

He coordinates the International PhD programme in Endocrinology and Metabolic Diseases between Queen Mary University of London, University Campus Bio-Medico in Rome and the University of Ulm, Germany.

He is Member Scientific Advisory Board of the Graduate School in Molecular Medicine, University of Ulm, Member Advisory Board of the International Diabetes Federation, Group for Diabetes in the Youth and Delegate for University Campus Bio-Medico, Permanent Conference of Rectors of the Italian Universities (CRUI).

He is currently the European Editor of Diabetes Metabolism Research & Reviews, John Wiley Publ.

He was the recipient of several awards including the Andrew Cudworth Memorial Prize of the British Diabetic Association (1986), the G.B. Morgagni Prize, Young Investigator Award of the European Association of Metabolism (1989), the SID Prize 1994 (Italian Society of Diabetes), the Karol Marcinkowski Medal of the "Poznan Academy of Medicine" Poland (1997), the Mary Jane Kugel Award, Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, USA (2003 and 2006) and the Diabetes Honoris Causa, Paulescu Foundation & Romanian Society of Diabetes (2007).


Autoimmune and genetic aspects of diabetes, immunotherapy of type 1 diabetes, regeneration of beta cells.


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MSc, international PhD Programme in Endocrinology and Diabetes.
Modules taught: diabetes

Topics for PhD supervision:

Diabetes, autoimmunity, genetics, beta cell regeneration, immunotherapy of Diabetes.

Further information

Professional Organizations:
Member Advisory Board NAIMIT Project (EU)
Member of the Executive Committee of the International Centre
for the Study of  Diabetes (CISD) (Rome)
Member Scientific Advisory Board, Graduate School in Molecular Medicine, University of  Ulm
Member Advisory Board, International Diabetes Federation, Group for Diabetes in the Youth
Member Ethical Committee, University Campus Bio-Medico di Roma
Delegate for University Campus Bio-Medico, Permanent Conference of Rectors of the Italian Universities (CRUI)
Member Research Board, University Campus Bio-Medico di Roma

Editorial Boards;
European Editor, Diabetes/Metabolism Research and Reviews
Member Editorial Board “The Endocrinologist”.


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