Graham Foster

Title: Professor
Professor of Hepatology

Professor Foster is the Professor of Hepatology at  Queen Mary University of London and a consultant at Barts Health Trust. He trained in Medicine at Oxford and London Universities in the 1980s and completed a PhD in Molecular Biology in 1992.  Professor Foster has a long standing interest in the management of chronic viral hepatitis and runs a clinical research program studying the natural history of viral hepatitis, its impact upon patients and their communities and novel therapies for this disease. He supervises a laboratory research program investigating the basic virology of hepatotropic viruses novel replication models for hepatitis C.  He is the sub-editor of The Journal of Viral Hepatitis and has published widely in the field of viral liver disease. He is President of BASL, Vice Chairman the UK Department of Health Advisory Group on Hepatitis and a member of a number of patient advocacy groups.


Virology of hepatotrophic viruses including hepatitis B and hepatitis C.

Liver inflammation and its sequelae

Clinical impact of chronic viral hepatitis at the individual and population level

Access to difficult to reach patient groups, particularly those suffering from viral hepatitis

New drug regimes for patients with chronic viral hepatitis


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