Claudia Estcourt

Claudia Estcourt

Title: Dr
Reader in Sexual Health & HIV

My major research interests focus on public health and sexual health service research in the UK setting, latterly focussing on eHealth and opportunities for increasing access to screening and treatment within sexual health, methods of improving partner notification (methods of improving treatment of sex partners of people with STIs in order to improve individual health & public health control of infection in the community). A recent focus of my work has been within the eSTI2 Consortium, which aims to develop new diagnostic technologies and remote management systems for people with STIs using modern communication technologies. My work is highly collaborative and I have developed effective research collaborations with a network of multidisciplinary clinicians and researchers across the UK and overseas in Australia.

My current interests group into four areas:

  • Health services research: methods of improving outcomes of partner notification, strategies for increasing STI screening uptake in men, regulation of novel diagnostics & care pathways for remote STI care
  • Public health related to STIs & HIV: public health tools for optimal service configuration, STI & HIV screening outside specialist setting
  • Development of online management systems for common bacterial STIs


Dr Claudia Estcourt is Reader in Sexual Health & HIV Medicine. She is an Honorary Consultant at Barts Health NHS Trust within Infection & Immunity where her clinical work centres on HIV outpatients, especially for French-speaking African patients, and female sexual health problems. She is Honorary Senior Lecturer in the Department of Primary Care and Population Science, University College London. Her group's research interests lie in three main areas: Public health interventions to reduce spread of STIs; health service research for STI care; eSexual health and eHealth for infectious diseases, complex interventions to improve sexual health. Dr Estcourt also leads a number of overseas educational initiatives to provide skills-based sexual health training to health care professionals in less developed settings.


Public health interventions to reduce spread of STIs; health service research for STI care; eSexual Health and eHealth for infectious diseases, complex interventions to improve sexual health

Recent and ongoing research projects:

  • 2009-2014 BALLSEYE: Targeting young men for better sexual health. NIHR program grant, Principal Investigator NIHR funded (£2million).
  • 2014-2016: G-TOG, Two-arm RCT of Gentamicin plus Azithromycin vs standard therapy for Neisseria gonorrhoeae: Co-applicant, NIHR, HTA, £1.2 million
  • 2013-2015: MenSS: An interactive computer-based intervention to increase condom use: intervention development and pilot trial. Co-applicant, NHS R&D HTA (£500,000) 
  • 2011-2016 eSTI2: Electronic self-testing instruments for sexually transmitted infections: Enabling and translating advances in diagnostic and communication technologies to reduce the burden of STIs. Co-applicant and exploratory trials lead, UKCRC consortium grant (6 million)
  • 2013-CLAHRC:  part of the successful bid within both HIV (Chronic diseases) for work on care pathways and respiratory for linkages with research engagement with local schools




Estcourt CS, Sutcliffe LJ, Mercer C, Copas A, Saunders J, Fuller S, Roberts TE, Jackson LJ, Sutton A, White PJ, Rait G, Johnson A, Hart G, Muniina P, Birger R, Cassell J. The Ballseye Programme; targeting men for better sexual health. Health Technology Assessment , NIHR Journals Library (in Press)

Cassell J, Dodds J, Estcourt CS, Llewellyn C, Lanza S et al. The relative clinical and cost-effectiveness of three contrasting approaches to partner notification for bacterial STIS in primary care: a cluster RCT. Health Technology Assessment, NIHR Journals Library (in press)

Fuller SS, Mercer CH, Copas AJ, Saunders J, Sutcliffe LJ, Cassell JA, Hart G, Johnson AM, Roberts TE, Jackson LJ, Muniina P, Estcourt CS. The SPORTSMART STUDY; a pilot randomised controlled trial of sexually transmitted infection (STI) screening interventions targeting men in football club settings. Sex Transm Infect (in press)

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Topics for PhD supervision:

  • Interventions to reduce spread of STIs, including public health, health service research
  • eHealth and eSexual Health and remote care
  • Prevention of STIs in men who have sex with men
  • Reduction in undiagnosed HIV


Centre for Immunology and Infectious Disease: Sexual Health and HIV
Barts Sexual Health Centre,
Kenton & Lucas Wing,
St Bartholomew's Hospital
London EC1A 7BE

020 7882 2316
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