Allyson Pollock

Title: Professor
Professor of Public Health Research and Policy; director, Global Public Health Unit

Prof Allyson Pollock and her colleagues undertake research and teaching intended to assist realisation of the principles of social justice and public health, with a particular emphasis on heath systems research, trade, and pharmaceuticals. A strong emphasis is on developing critical analysis through education and research and through translating research findings into policy at the national and international level. The work is interdisciplinary, including epidemiology, law, statistics, economics, accounting, sociology, and anthropology.

Universal access to health care is the primary focus and in particular the means by which local and national systems redistribute resources across society by sharing the risks and costs of ill-health. The work includes the study of public private partnerships in health and long term care, pharmaceuticals, and medical research, and how public health interfaces with trade law and intellectual property agreements.

Local and global issues converge around, for instance, the social and economic aspects of clinical trials, how medicines are accessed, the estimation of the global burden of disease, and evidence underpinning access to medicines policies; the setting of health care priorities through the creation and use of clinical evidence; and the export of managed health care systems.

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Allyson Pollock is Professor of Public Health Research & Policy. She was director of the Centre for International Public Health Policy at the University of Edinburgh and before that head of the Public Health Policy Unit at UCL and director of research & development at UCL Hospitals NHS Trust. She trained in medicine in Scotland and became a consultant in public health in 1986.

Her research interests include globalisation, privatisation, marketisation and PFI / PPPs, pharmaceuticals and clinical trials and child injuries. She is the author of NHS plc, The New NHS: a guide, and Tackling rugby: what every parent should know about injuries


Public health research; globalisation and public health; intellectual property, pharmaceuticals, and medical research; public private partnerships; childhood injury


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Topics for PhD supervision

globalisation and public health
pharmaceuticals and medical research
public private partnerships
long term care

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  • Member, Council of the British Medical Association, 2014-18
  • Member, international committee of the British Medical Association, 2014-18
  • Member, public health committee of the British Medical Association, 2014-18
  • Member, national advisory panel, Centre for Labour and Social Studies (CLASS)
  • Member of the Bevan Commission, which provides independent, expert advice to the Welsh Minister for Health and Social Services “to help ensure that changes in NHS structures set Wales on the path to a world class healthcare system” 2008-14



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