Ewelina Rogozińska

CROWN Project Coordinator

After obtaining MSc in Life Sciences (Jagiellonian University, Krakow/Poland) Ewelina worked for three years as a researcher in a healthcare-focused Market Access Consultancy company in Poland where she reached Senior Pharmacoeconomics Specialist level.

In her professional life she is mainly interested in:
- critical appraisal of scientific evidence and health economic evaluations;
- mechanisms of reassuring validity and reliability of clinical data;
- efficient clinical trial data management;

She joined WHRU in October 2011 as a Data Assistant for two multicentre projects. Currently she is coordinating an international evidence synthesis project (iWIP), and in October 2014 she commenced a WHO funded PhD. 


Health Technology Assessment,
Systematic Reviewing,
Health Economics,
Clinical Trial Data Management


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Further information

Researcher on iWIP IPD meta-analysis project (NIHR funded).


Women's Health Research Unit (Katherine Twining Network)
Centre for Primary Care and Public Health
Blizard Institute
Barts and the London Medical School, Queen Mary
Yvonne Carter Building, 58 turner Street
London E1 2AB 

020 7882 5881
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