Julie Dodds

Title: Dr
Senior Research Manager

Julie obtained a BSc (Hons) in Sociology with Research Training at the University of Bath. She previously managed studies in primary care at UCL and the Medical Research Council. She also worked as a Senior Research Fellow at UCL for several years where she conducted sexual health research and obtained a PhD in HIV epidemiology.


Clinical trials, epidemiology, sexual health, web-based health, trial management


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Further information

Julie oversees the running of all the trials within the unit.

Current Research:

EBM Connect - Evidence-based Medicine Collaboration Network for guideline development, teaChing and disseminaTion

EMPIRE - Antiepileptic drug (AED) management in Pregnancy: An evaluation of effectiveness, cost effectiveness and acceptability of dose adjustment strategies

MEDAL - Can magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scan replace or triage the use of laparoscopy in establishing a diagnosis among women presenting in secondary care with chronic pelvic pain (CPP)?

PREP - Development and validation of a prediction model for risk of complications in early onset pre-eclampsia

SALVO - A randomised controlled trial of intra-operative cell salvage during caesarean section in women at risk of haemorrhage

iWIP IPD M-A - Effects of weight management interventions on maternal and fetal outcomes in pregnancy: Individual patient data (IPD) meta-analysis of randomised trials and model based economic evaluation

ESTEEM - Effect of simple, targeted diet in pregnant women with metabolic risk factors on pre-eclampsia. A randomised trial

Ongoing research with other institutions (Subcontracted to QM)

DAPPA - How accurate is spot urinary protein: creatinine ratio (SPCr) and spot albumin:creatinine ratio (SACr) compared to 24-hour protein estimation to assess women with hypertensive disease in pregnancy (HDP) after 24 weeks gestation

HABselect (Leeds) - Selection of sperm for Assisted Reproductive Treatment by prior hyaluronic acid binding: increasing live birth outcomes and reducing miscarriage rates (Hyaluronic Acid Binding Sperm Selection; HABSelect).

STAMP (Edinburgh) - (A Proof of Principle, Double-Blind, Randomised Placebo-Controlled, Multi-Centre Trial of pravaStatin to Ameliorate Early Onset Pre-eclampsia)

TABLET (Birmingham) - Efficacy and mechanism of thyroxine treatment on pregnancy and neonatal outcomes in women with thyroid antibodies: A randomised, placebo-controlled, double-blind, multi-centre trial [The TABLET (Thyroid AntiBodies and LEvoThyroxine) Trial]


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