Module lead: Prof Richard Ashcroft
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This is a compulsory module for the MSc, global health, law and governance, and an elective module for the MSc global public health and policy, MSc international primary health care, and MSc health systems and global policy.

It aims to examine the normative and empirical bases for the protection and promotion of human rights and public health in their international contexts; and to analyse specific case studies in the field of health and human rights.

This module will introduce students to the core concepts and theories of international human rights law, ethics and policy that underpin contemporary global healthcare ethics and international public health practice. Particular attention is paid to: the legal normative basis of human rights and health; the interaction between the protection/promotion of public health and the protection/promotion of human rights; the international cooperative frameworks for health and human rights; the ethical debates around the human rights framework in general and specific case studies in health and human rights; and the institutional, economic and political challenges faced by health and human rights worldwide.


• Develop a knowledge of the international legal basis for human rights
• Develop a knowledge of the ethical theories underpinning international human rights theory and practice
• Develop a knowledge of the empirical and theoretical bases for the inter-relationships of public health and human rights
• Critically appraise claims about the empirical connections between public health and human rights
• Critically appraise the normative claims made about and within human rights theory and practice
• Analyse the potential human rights impacts of interventions within public health practice


Key texts
• Solomon Benatar and Gillian Brock (eds.) Global Health and Global Health Ethics, Cambridge UP, 2011
• Michael Grodin (ed.) Health and Human Rights, Routledge, 2012


3,000 word essay style assignment (100%)