The PrePro Study  

Full title: Preventing Preterm Birth with Probiotics
Acronym: PrePro
Start: Autumn 2015 


PrePro is a double-blind, placebo-controlled pilot randomised trial to assess the effect of probiotic supplement on vaginal flora. The study aims to determine whether oral Lactobacilli capsules compared with dummy capsules can reduce the risk of pre-term birth. This pilot trial will measure feasibility of performing a larger scale trial. The trial will run for 18 months starting 1st September 2015. We anticipate that we will recruit approximately 360 women during the trial over a four month period.

Participating London sites: The Royal London (Mr Rehan Khan), Whipps Cross (Mr Bashir Dawlatly), Newham (Mr Vincent Oon), Homerton (Dr Maryam Parisaei)


Chief Investigator: Prof Khalid Khan
Trial Coordinator: Ms Zoe Drymoussi